Don't like doing CMAs, have a unique property or want to add credibility to your listing price? BVS is the only appraisal company in the area that will provide a 100%, 12 month no compete clause for any business that is brought to us by other REALTOR's. Give your sellers more leverage by having an independent certified appraiser do a CVR or personal use appraisal for your next listing!

Looking to list your house or just had it expire without a successful sale?  Other than location and condition, pricing is one of the most important areas concerning selling your house.  Proper pricing usually results in a quicker sale without having to list the property several times. After all, if the house does not appraise nothing else matters. Believe me, in today’s market and under today’s appraisal guidelines this is happening quite often.  An old saying in real estate is "price it right and you can’t go wrong, price it wrong and selling will be long".  Order one of our personal use appraisals before your next listing.

We also provide tax appeal services for homeowners that feel their tax bill is too high.  Other services include land and residential property appraisals for those in the role of executors/executrix.  Please call for pricing.

For our attorney friends out there, we offer two types of products: advocate services and valuation services.  If your case has the potential of needing an expert in real property to be on the stand, we offer our advocate services.  This consists of a detailed scope of work that allows for forensic appraisals and autopsy analysis of opposing appraiser's work.  We also offer valuation services; which consists of property valuation that does not include testimony and property valuation for bail bond clients.  The process starts with a detailed engagement letter that will provide a basic skeleton covering the scope, billing, services provided, ethics, impartiality, etc.  Retainers are usually required on most cases, please call for pricing.

If you are a business owner who owns equipment, CPA, attorney, lender, or business broker dealing with machinery and equipment, we've got you covered.  Call our Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser today about how we can meet your M&E needs!