Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Facebook Etiquette


The more I delve into the different uses of Facebook, the more I say to myself, “why did they post that?” People who typically have clean walls will suddenly have scantily clad women on them, and about once a week I see this post, “my facebook has been hacked, don’t respond to anything from me.” I believe people not considering the consequences is at the heart of the matter.

I started searching the topic at the source: Facebook. But I quickly realized that while their list was all true, it was still lacking. A Google search of the topic will result in dozens of hits with rules, and most of them are different. I determined that the #1 rule in Facebook is: there are no rules.

So, this article is my own list of Do’s and Don’ts for using Facebook. Feel free to chime in if you think something is missing, but at the end of the day, this is just my opinion.


  • Realize that everything you put on Facebook could potentially end up out in the public. 
  • Be courteous to those who post on your wall by leaving a response (if the post doesn’t warrant being removed).
  • Be genuine. It’s what triggers others to post on your wall. 
  • Post often. Experts say that posting anywhere between several times a day, to every few days will be based off your audience. 
  • Post relevant content. Try posting content that is educational, funny, or informative. 


  • Don’t post irrelevant content. No one cares the last time you went to the bathroom.
  • Don’t send chain posts. This is becoming more of a problem because I’ve seen this topic several times in the Do’s and Don’ts search. Personally, I delete or unsubscribe all chain posts.
  • Don’t mix a business page and your personal profile. If you have a business, let your fans know about it, but don’t beat a dead horse. Get yourself a business page and promote your business there.  
  • Don’t steal your employer’s time by Facebooking on the clock. Use your breaks for checking your posts. While I’m on the subject of employers, you really shouldn’t throw your boss under the bus on Facebook either, you could be looking for a new job. 
  • Don’t accept strange friend requests, or send requests to strangers. 
  • Don’t post and tag compromising pictures of other people. 

Well, that about does it for the Do’s and Don’ts. However, I do have a “tweener” to throw out. Be careful of clicking on strange links or advertisements. Do a little research first to try and limit the exposure to viruses and hackers. I hope you enjoyed this, happy Facebooking, and keep an eye out for the next post.

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