Saturday, April 7, 2012

Central Section Ranger Derby

Reaching out and having fun, it's something each of us should partake of.  This year, BVS had the opportunity to co-sponsor the Central Section Ranger Derby for the Royal Rangers.  Royal Rangers is a mentoring ministry for young men to be developed into Christlike servant-leaders.  This was there first race, but it was planned and executed very well.  We had good food, entertainment, awesome video/audio, lots of trophies, and most importantly, very close racing.  The track record at one point was decided by less than 2 one-thousands of a second, but ultimately was reset at a whopping 202MPH.

With the help of BVS, the Central Section was able to purchase a 32' aluminum track from Micro Wizard.  This track was problem free and very fast.  There were cars that ran 11MPH faster on the aluminum track when compared to the racing at last month's Derby in Louisville.  The Central Section will be hosting another Ranger Derby later this November at Heartland Christian Center in Vine Grove, Kentucky, and they hope to expand on their success by increasing the number of participants by at least two fold.   See ya at the races!

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