Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Appraisal Education

    During a recent national USPAP class, the main topic covered the up and coming changes over the next several years.  One of the topics was the changes to the requirements for entry into the industry.  These changes will raise the minimum of having a bachelor’s degree in order to become an appraiser.  With that, why don’t we discuss education for a little bit.
    Education is not most people’s strong suite, but it should be taken seriously.  Some degree of formal education should be attained by most people so that at the very least prove they can stick with something; higher education is also becoming a sought after quality in most employers. Learning can also be done outside of the formal arena.  By keeping our eyes open, our minds clear, and our ears attentive, we can learn from everyday life around us.  We can learn from differing people, situations, and places. 

    When you pursue a higher education, you should do your best, and finish what you start.  Many students nowadays just show up or even worse expect to just get by.  This is counter-productive to learning in the first place.  We should always be willing to learn something new, but if what we are learning isn’t productive to us, then we should be willing to let it go.  Most higher education will tell you that one of the areas that you will develop will be in your critical thinking.  Middle age adults have a different point of view when they are asked to critically analyze something as opposed to young adults right out of high school.  Older folks for the most part already have several beliefs and convictions that are a part of their lives, making them set in their ways.  Although they are set, they can still learn and further themselves.

    Lastly, education should not be feared, because it can actually be fun.  If someone has told themselves for years that they are not good readers, writers, or poor mathematicians, then they are only a decision away from changing those old thoughts.  Classrooms at the Radcliff campus of McKendree University have a very high ratio of older students that have put their learning phobias aside and are back in front of the teachers. 
In conclusion, higher education is becoming more of a priority in today’s society.  It is something that should be pursued as long as we live, and it should be taken seriously.  Besides, you just might like what you learn!


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