Friday, February 10, 2012

Appraising in the country

This has been a very interesting week of appraising.  I had two assignments in the Jefferson county area, but I had four spread out between the rural areas of Hardin, Meade, and Grayson counties.  Appraising in the rural parts of Central Kentucky is different than the suburban areas.  There is usually a lot more driving, less MLS coverage, and better views. 

When assignments take me to the country, I keep the following situations in the back of my mind:
1. Is there a trend for surplus land values?
2. What areas can I use for comparable sales?
3. Will I have to go to the Sherriff Department, Clerk’s Office, Assessor’s Office, or non-MLS Realtors for data?

The last assignment I had took me to Nolin Lake in southern Grayson County.  I enjoy Grayson County because it is between two man-made lakes: Rough River and Nolin.  This assignment was challenging due to multiple lots and lake-frontage being an issue.  All turned out well, fortunately I keep a running matrix of adjustments for the lakes in the area and golf courses. 

In closing, let me leave you with some reminders about the going to the country.  Watch out for deer, always be aware of where the next bathroom is, and make sure the courthouse is going to be open!

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