Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I ventured out to the stores late on “Black Friday”.  This was the first year I had done so, because I think the hassle of standing in line at night is silly.  I went out because all of Thanksgiving Day I had no cell signal in Meade County.  My purchase was a new smartphone, which was badly needed.  So the other day I was thinking how long have smartphones been available, and I'm just now getting one. 

The point is technology will catch up with just about everyone at some point.  I have two uncles who are computer Illiterate.  That did not stop them from getting I pad 2’s.  With some help from the Apple Store, they will eventually get the hang of it. My father-in-law doesn’t need a smartphone or the internet, but he likes to play card games on the computer.  Even elderly people who don’t have computers or smartphones rely on technology for the bulk of their health needs. 

If you embrace technology or shun it, technology is here to stay.  If it is used wisely and to your advantage you will be just fine.  

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