Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reviews and Testimonials

Please feel free to write a testimonial about your experience with Bluegrass Valuation Services.  Please put your name in the "comment as" drop down box under name/URL.  Thanks!


  1. We have owned our home's property for some years and have rebuilt it from the ground up after we purchased it. The house is just nearing 10 years old and the PVA office had our home listed as being decades old, (because of the original structure), which can be difficult to explain to some appraisers. When you’re having your home appraised, in today's market it seems to be much harder to get the true value of what your home is worth because some appraisers only seem to be interested in the money and not concerned in listening to the home owner about the details and truths about your home. In our case, our home had been appraised for a large sum by two separate appraisers with nearly the same outcome only 30 months prior to using Mr. Shore. We needed to lower our rate on our mortgage as rates dropped and tried to have an appraisal done that cost us about 400 dollars and that appraiser wasted our money. He spent ten minutes on a 1600 square foot custom home and came in at 50 thousand less than the two previous appraisals.
    We were fortunate enough to have Mr. Shore do our FHA appraisal in February of 2011 and he did not rush through the appraisal and out the door. He took his time and took into consideration our higher grade materials we used to build our home. In some instances the upgrades don’t help, but in this case it made a big difference! If you’re like us and have a home that has a non-typical floor plan and unusual architectural features, it is very hard to find comps in a rural area that justifies what our home was really worth. Mr. Shore worked very hard for us to find comparable homes that truly compared to ours (unlike our previous appraiser) so that the banking institution would be willing to loan us an equity loan which saved us several hundred dollars per month.
    In the future if we ever need an appraiser, Mr. Shore will certainly be our first choice if we have the option and if you are able to choose him you will not regret it. If it were not for the willingness of Mr. Shore to look outside of the immediate rural community where there had been very few home sales, we would not have been able to get our home refinanced. He kept within the guidelines expected by the FHA and was able to find true comps. He was very professional and sociable and he was more than willing to listen and work with us.
    So in closing, do not waste your money on appraisers who are out to make that fast dollar and waste what little money you might have. Give Lance Shore an opportunity to work with you by getting the most out of your appraisal. It has surely changed our lives!

    James and Debra Henderson
    Cecilia KY

  2. "Lance is great to work with- his calm, patient approach to all challenges, big or small, helps transactions go smoothly from start to finish- our customers were thrilled with his confident handling of such an important part of their life. I will look forward to working with Lance again!"