Thursday, May 26, 2011

Appraisal rebates w/ a closed listing in Hardin & Meade Co.

As many of you know, Lance Shore is one of the few Appraiser/REALTORs in the Hardin and Meade Co. area.  Other than location and condition a very important factor in the sale of a house is pricing.  That is why getting a professional appraisal is so important.  Keep in mind that a professional appraisal is far different than a market analysis or a broker price opinion.  Appraisals are performed under very strict guidelines.  As an Appraiser/REALTOR, not only can I help you establish a realistic price but I can additionally place the property on the market for you and hopefully get it sold.  Proper pricing usually results in a quicker sale without having to list the property several times. After all, if the house does not appraise nothing else matters. Believe me, in today’s market and under today’s appraisal guidelines this is happening quite often. That’s why I am offering a unique opportunity of an appraisal/listing. 

Here’s how this unique appraisal/listing opportunity works. We come out and appraise your house and you pay for the appraisal. When we place your house on the market and it sells you will be rebated the amount paid for the appraisal at the closing. It’s a great deal and it’s really that simple.  An old saying in real estate is price it right and you can’t go wrong. Price it wrong and selling will be long. Call us today. We don’t think you can beat this offer.

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