Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Prospect Sale History

I always like appraising in Prospect Kentucky. Whether it is the city's 4th of July celebration, golf courses, or high end neighborhoods, Prospect is a fine place to live.  Both the Oldham and Jefferson County sides of Prospect have seen growth over the past 5 years as well as stable sale prices.

Recently I had done a study of high end homes in the Jefferson County area, which revealed declining property values for several years.  Not so surprising, Prospect has remained stable.  This is supported by the increasing number of sales over the past five years, and low REO rates.  There are many factors that go into a vibrant community: location, employment, amenities, and how it is governed are just a few of the areas that make Prospect so desirable.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Education and Appraising

This will be a relatively short post compared to those in the past, but I just want to thank all those who have helped me to obtain a very important milestone in my life.  Thank God for the opportunity to attend McKendree University, thanks to my wife Meredith and our children for standing by my side as our lives revolved around the school schedule for 4 years, thank you to Dr. Mostafa who challenged me both scholastically and professionally, and thank you to all the friends that I've made along the way.

It started almost 4 years ago with the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology.  During this time, I have done my best to practice what I speak to young men about in terms of persistence, hard work, and excellence.  At McKendree University, I have earned the right to be on the President's List four times, was asked to be a student marshall, graduated Summa Cum Laude, and I was inducted into the honor societies of

Phi Kappa Phi and Upsilon Pi Epsilon.  Through all this, I plan on using this stepping stone to advance my appraisal practice and continue in-house application development for the appraisal industry.